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Complain to the Attorney General.

I’m going to keep this short and focused. On Friday, Adam Hulin walked free after oral rape and assault by penetration of a 12 yo girl, with a community order, counselling, and a £60 victim charge bc the judge doesn’t … Continue reading

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Immigration and the correct identification of problems and power.

Short, sweet point: I hear in every debate about immigration, the complaint that “(I’m not racist BUT) when they come over here, where will they go to schools? Where will they live? Where are the university places for them?” And … Continue reading

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The niqab hokey-cokey: how women are too free and not free enough, and it’s all their fault.

Before I start this I want to make one thing clear: if a woman doesn’t want to wear a hijab or niqab – and there are plenty who don’t and plenty who have been forced into it – I completely … Continue reading

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Objectification not optional.

There is a demand for women to be objectified. Some men love objectifying women. Some women really get off on being objectified, and I make no value judgment on that whatsoever. These things are part of human sexuality and always … Continue reading

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Feminism fail.

[TW all up in your face] First thing: appaz David Cameron is banning porn, and banning women’s sexual fantasies. Let me address those points quickly. Bullshit. 1) He’s proposing that people can opt in to see porn. 2) It is … Continue reading

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Kink, rape, child porn and blurred lines.

This piece contains RUDE WORDS and TRIGGERS, so suit up. There’s a lot of stuff in the news about online porn: is it ok to like it? How can we stop child porn being spread around? Is it ok to … Continue reading

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The Facebook statement – don’t thank them. #FBrape

Following fantastic campaigning by Everyday Sexism and Women, Action and the Media, Facebook has released a statement which – at first glance – seems to indicate that they’re going to address the issue of content that advocates or celebrates violence … Continue reading

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The Daily Mail’s lesson of the day is “The smaller they are, the harder you kick ‘em.”

Stop the press! – life’s certainties have been updated: they now include death, taxes, and the Daily Mail trotting out a dollop of poorly-written hate speech directed against the most vulnerable group imaginable. Each time the Daily Mail does this, … Continue reading

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It turns out “us” includes “them”: marriage, bigotry and cheese.

I kind of get it, the furore about opening up marriage to everyone. Let me explain it using the medium of cheese. We all understand cheese. Let’s say there was this little village, and historically the village made cheese. It … Continue reading

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A different point of view on the Moore thing.

For the full background on this story, you might like to read Suzanne Moore’s original piece about the importance of female anger in the New Statesman here, followed by @Stavvers’ breakdown of who subsequently said what, here (brace yourself, Moore … Continue reading

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