tractor beam colours

After several days of feeling well – and I don’t mean: “better than I am used to”, I mean “well” as in “as well as I ever felt in my life”, just as I was starting to get cocky about it, my body has gone phut again. I’m too used to it to be frustrated by it. You can’t go through life having powerful emotional reactions to daily occurrences. That way is the path of branded pyjamas and a room with no view.

Still, I am not completely laid up (yet) so I went for a little walk to get some feta just now. Feta is, as we all know, one of the sine qua nons of life. In the approaching storm light the linden leaves are so green, looking at them is almost a reckless act. Like you might look at them a moment too long and surrender your soul to the green for ever.

I have a little list of things that will tractor beam your soul clean out of your body if you do more than glance at them sideways:

– Blue gasometers against an unmarked blue sky.
– Linden leaves in pre-storm light in the early dusk in spring.
– The paddy fields in Bali, before a harvest.
– Looking at moving water for too long.
– Alcázar in Seville.

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