Froth-lipped of London rides again.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown wrote this pile of recidivist crap in response to Slutwalk.

I wrote this comment on it:

What a wretched, poisonous article this is – more at home on the pages of the Daily Mail than the Inde.

“drunkenness among young women (and their revealing clothes in some cases) make them vulnerable to sexual assault.”

Sorry, but what makes a woman vulnerable to sexual assault is the man who decides to sexually assault her.

A man who will rape a woman when she is drunk will rape any woman if he feels he can get away with it. It isn’t about her making herself more vulnerable – the naturally quiet and shy girl who would never speak up if she were abused – what is she supposed to do to mitigate her vulnerability? I am not in favour of “reclaiming” the word “slut” – it was never mine to begin with. But let’s be clear on this – we live in a society where an awful lot of men view absence of dissent as equal to presence of consent. This is not something that can be cured by a woman editing her choice of clothing, her decision to leave her house, her choices of entertainment. And in a society where good feminists are striving, daily, to draw us closer to equality, this protectionist set of proscriptions aimed solely at women sets us back a hundred years.

I choose to go out. I choose to occupy the streets when they may be dangerous. I may be raped. If I am, I will survive it. I will not change my clothes, my habits, my idea of fun – I will not change anything I do, or anything I am in order to avoid being raped. I am absolutely NOT going to live in fear.

That is what Slutwalk is about – and if you think that that is middle class and naive, that all these frivolous young women marching in their drawers for this cause have no idea of the Terrifying Power Of The Erection, that they aren’t showing it the proper amount of fear, that they don’t seem to be bowing before it, I must gently remind you that that, Yasmin, is feminism.

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