I made a black sesame loaf: normal pound loaf ie a pound of flour, a teaspoon of salt, teaspoon of sugar, teaspoon of yeast, a tablespoon of oil – sesame oil, in this case – and a glass of warm water; but with the addition of tablespoon of black sesame tahini, a tablespoon of black sesame seeds, one of ground golden linseed, and three cloves of garlic. The top was egg glazed and decorated with rock salt and black sesame seeds:

The bread really is quite black!

I braided it, just to see what would happen:

Black sesame braided loaf

It’s very nice, but quite different to my usual sesame loaves, which use regular tahini and white seeds. The flavour is more subtle and less nutty. The colour of it is really striking – once it’s buttered it really is very dark, and the golden crust (product of the kamut flour I use, 50/50 with organic white bread flour) provides a nice visual counterpoint.


About chiller

Rachel Coldbreath spent 20 years working internationally as a technical specialist on large data collections for law firms, before becoming disabled. She blogs on a variety of topics from the news and politics to gardening and how very annoying it is, being disabled. Habits include drilling holes about 1mm away from where they ought to be, and embarking with great enthusiasm on tasks for which she is neither physically nor intellectually equipped.
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