The end of the garden project

Today is the first day I haven’t woken to men in my garden (ok, except Sundays) since the end of last month. I can’t begin to tell you how lovely it is not to have to make conversation before noon. Of course, it’s a bit of a grey day – I was hoping for a spot of sunshine so I could finally take some garden pics without J’s tools all over the shop, but it looks as if I’m just going to have to wait.

What we’ve achieved is:
– top patio re-clad and re-profiled, with period bricks used for the front course, to match the house.
– limestone setts encircling the lawn.
– a new patio/pergola-ish area in the bottom left hand corner of the garden, where the sun stays late.
– footings for the summerhouse, and a wee path to it.
– new fencing on both sides of the garden (we didn’t fully re-fence the right side, just the top bit where my neighbours used to gaze at me as they went past: NO MORE.
– gates hung at the top patio.
– massive weeding/digging out, particularly in the areas of the garden I have been unable to do anything with since I’ve been Made Of Feeb.
– hammock fixings.
– a retractable washing line, because – even if it were a washing line made of pure Gay with extra sprinkles – there isn’t really anywhere you could put it where it wouldn’t feel as if it somehow bisected the garden’s design. And I didn’t promise your firstborn to Satan to pay for this thing, just to fuck it all up visually with a bit of £2.50 plastic rope from Homebase.
– the cast iron gratings which protect the cellar’s lightwells are currently being blasted back to a virginal state, and will be back with me on Monday.

Things I have to do now:
– a bit more planting. I need some big ferns and stuff for the shady side, and now that I have a long sunny border down the left side of the garden, I can go mad with all those plants that require “full sun”.
– the poor lawn looks as if it has single-handedly hosted the entire annual migration of the wildebeest. The bits that were dippy have been filled in and seeded (so it also has big black patches of new earth), and I now have to play a game of “keep it wet for the next month”, and it should be lovely.

There’s a whole bunch of progress shots here, but here are a couple that I think kind of catch the vibe of the garden.

Newly planted bed:

I'm really keen on this bed

Lydia gazing from the gate over the garden:

Lydia gazes out

The bottom bed – which was horrible – and the path behind it, leading off to the summerhouse:

Bottom bed

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2 Responses to The end of the garden project

  1. It’s beautiful, well done!
    One day (probably in several yonks) I hope to have a garden again

  2. chiller says:

    I suspect that wanting to have a garden is one of life’s best ambitions.

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