Let’s talk about trellis.

There is always space on the internet for more stuff about gardens and cats. Which is fortunate as I have an abundance of both.

Today the metal trellis went up on the new fence. I think it looks swanktastic, and the leaf design and galvanised finish complement the gate perfectly and break up that unremitting expanse of fence:

Trellis and gate

One of the final detail jobs - the trellis

The wisteria has already gone in beside the gate and will hopefully romp up the first trellis and thence along the top square trellis right along the fence / over the top of the gate. I will probably buy another couple of panels of that trellis for the area beside my back door, just to balance the design / bring the lovely galvanised steel over onto the other side of the garden in a much more subtle way.

The summerhouse is finally done. All it needs now is the exposed bits of framework / roof front battens / door panels to be painted – literally the work of minutes – which I shall do on the first day we get sunshine coinciding with my being wellish. Am so, so happy with the garden. The summerhouse has long been what I thought was an idle fantasy (but like most idle fantasies, it only remains so until you decide to make it happen). To put the milkshake-pink of the little house’s doors in context – because I am aware that it is a terribly twee colour – the tree it is nestling beneath (the big one on the left, not the little red-leaved acer clinging to its right side), is a pink-flowering cherry. So the whole thing’s going to be blossomtastic, come May next year (or possibly the year after, as I have a feeling that tree was pruned this year).

Summerhouse waiting for paint

By the look of it, I need to get some sulphur on that magnolia in the foreground – it has been quite yellow this year – probably my alkaline soil finally getting the poor thing down – and we can’t have that. Magnolias are such a lovely herald to the spring.

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