How the Used Car Salesmen Run the World

If you didn’t watch Storyville “Inside Job” last night on BBC2, I urge you in the strongest possible terms to make time to do so.

Because this is the gasoline the fire needs, right now. By the middle of it, you will be swearing at the people on the screen, half in disbelief that this bunch of obvious criminals, many of whom can’t even string a sentence together, have done this to us and are being permitted to continue to do this to us. By the end of it, you’ll want to see the lot of them in jail.

This financial collapse is the criminal responsibility of a few individuals. They’re identified. Their histories are laid out. We know who they are.

We are STILL letting them drive.

Essentially, to distil the thing into a sentence-long metaphor, what the US financial institutions (which is to say the world’s financial institutions) did was sell people cars which they knew were broken, and arrange insurance so THEY got paid when those cars inevitably crashed.

The cars crashed, as they knew they would. They got paid.

Again and again until Lehman collapsed, and that collapse revealed what had been going on for years.

We are left with the broken cars. With repossession notices. With depleted social welfare systems, no pensions, wage cuts, redundancy, smashed up families, with a government which is seriously floating the idea of cutting off cancer patients’ benefits if they survive for longer than 12 months because “there just isn’t any money”. While at the same time spending £840M on offshore tax reform which guarantees people who don’t want to pay tax a safe haven.

And those same people who sold us the dangerous cars are now bellyaching about needing more money to set up the car lot again.

Oh, and the guys that did this to all of us are still working – in the same jobs – and still pocketing millions doing it. They’re running the world. Someone, telex Beyoncé about this. She was wrong. A bunch of guys run the world. They run the world. And all of them are criminals.

You know what, FUCK your car lot.

I want a government that accurately identifies the leeches hanging onto our flanks and burns them off. I don’t know about you, but what I want from my government is simple. I want a government made of men and women who are not self-interested, not corruptible, not inclined to buckle to pressure.

I want a government that is made up of people whose absolute first priority is the wellbeing of its citizens. The poor, the rich, the intelligent, the disabled, the stupid, the annoying, the brilliant, the talented, the incompetent, the likeable and the unbearable.

All of us.

If my government thinks that some people are more important than other people, I don’t want them. If my government thinks that Britain’s international economic standing is more important than people, I don’t want them. If my government thinks that economic growth is more important than people, I don’t want them. If my government considers some people – the weak, the slow, the quiet – “collateral damage”, I don’t want them.

Get out. Get out of my parliament. I am beyond rolling my eyes at this, now. I am furious.

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3 Responses to How the Used Car Salesmen Run the World

  1. ben linford says:

    Great post – glad to see that you have been recognised by the BBC.

  2. Hugo says:

    Harsh words, but probably true. More of that.

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