Hope and water.

I’m a bit tense about my lavender. It went in two years ago, and is a compact variety (“Imperial Gem“), which I chose because it flowers very profusely and the flowers are a deep, almost electric blue-violet colour. Set against the deep green of the buxus, it looks amazing.

How's that lavender going to look against the buxus?  QNI

I didn’t touch it the first year as I wanted the plants to bulk up a bit. In the second, I gave it a nervous little trim, but nothing challenging. However, it was getting to the point where I knew that unless I did something to it the following year, it would start to become leggy and collapse out under its own weight. Accordingly, I chopped it back hard after flowering last year, then gave it another gentle chop at the beginning of this month. I’m not sure when it is supposed to start bushing up, but it is showing precisely no movement in that direction at the moment. I’ve checked the plants and they’re all quick, just sleepy. I suppose I must wait.

Anyway, today my impatience got the better of me and since it has been so dry (and yes, I know lavenders like it dry, but that front garden is like an oven on hot afternoons), I gave all the beds in the front garden a thorough soaking. I’ll do it again tomorrow, then stop, and I hope this, combined with the gloriously warm weather, will have a quick “shot in the arm” effect on my poor little baldy lavenders.

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