Unexpected allotment update

Eeeeeee! They called me back! There’s a waiting list of “five or six people”, but I told them I’m only looking for a little’un, if that helps. They have all my contact details. The rent seems entirely reasonable.

Not sure what happens now. I was too excited to ask. *hangs head*

I’ll call him back and ask. It’s probably “wait for five or six people to die of old age.”

/EDIT: called him back – basically it’s wait and see. But he said that, seeing as I live on top of them, I’d probably be the first person they call when they get any availability. Eeeeeeee!


About chiller

Rachel Coldbreath spent 20 years working internationally as a technical specialist on large data collections for law firms, before becoming disabled. She blogs on a variety of topics from the news and politics to gardening and how very annoying it is, being disabled. Habits include drilling holes about 1mm away from where they ought to be, and embarking with great enthusiasm on tasks for which she is neither physically nor intellectually equipped.
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2 Responses to Unexpected allotment update

  1. What do you plan to grow in your allotment? We’ve got a corner of garden that’s like a little self-contained allotment, and are proudly self-sufficient in blackberries, and lettuces when the slugs are under control, plus a range of herbs and some leeks. It’s always amazing what you can do with a bit of earth!

    • chiller says:

      Well, I haven’t got one yet, but when I do, I’ll have to see what the soil and aspect are like. I’d like to grow a load of veg, basically, maybe some fruit. I grow pretty much all the herbs I need in my garden (where they’re handy for the kitchen), but just don’t have enough space or enough light (I am fairly well shaded) for much else.

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