Unexpected allotment update

Eeeeeee! They called me back! There’s a waiting list of “five or six people”, but I told them I’m only looking for a little’un, if that helps. They have all my contact details. The rent seems entirely reasonable.

Not sure what happens now. I was too excited to ask. *hangs head*

I’ll call him back and ask. It’s probably “wait for five or six people to die of old age.”

/EDIT: called him back – basically it’s wait and see. But he said that, seeing as I live on top of them, I’d probably be the first person they call when they get any availability. Eeeeeeee!

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2 Responses to Unexpected allotment update

  1. What do you plan to grow in your allotment? We’ve got a corner of garden that’s like a little self-contained allotment, and are proudly self-sufficient in blackberries, and lettuces when the slugs are under control, plus a range of herbs and some leeks. It’s always amazing what you can do with a bit of earth!

    • chiller says:

      Well, I haven’t got one yet, but when I do, I’ll have to see what the soil and aspect are like. I’d like to grow a load of veg, basically, maybe some fruit. I grow pretty much all the herbs I need in my garden (where they’re handy for the kitchen), but just don’t have enough space or enough light (I am fairly well shaded) for much else.

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