Bone breaker

I suppose today is the answer to the question “hey girl! What was going on with that whole transcendental / super-saturated not-in-your-body shtick yesterday?” Turns out when I can see the rainbows at the edges of every cloud, that’s a lot of adrenaline. And when it wears off, down I go. (If you’re ever in a massive adrenaline situation, like, say, falling off a mountain, or pushing a car off a trapped loved one, or one of those awkward mornings when a tiger gets onto your train carriage and everyone else gets off quietly and you look up from your paper just as the doors close and realise you’re now in an empty train car with a tiger, take a moment to look at the sky. What you see will be a revelation. There is a lot more sky than you know.)

Today I’m boneless, unfit for conversation. Too tired to even get myself a drink; too tired to do food; too tired to shower, to think, to feel, to speak. Useless. On days like this I fantasize idly about being picked up by peevish villagers, carried up a hill and abandoned on a rock, to be finished off by the weather and lammergeiers.

I did the cats, obv. Food, water, litter, love. I’d do the cats even if I had to drag myself with my nostrils. But that’s the limit of it. There’s nothing for it now but slumping here like a bouncy castle with ED.

Well, days like this happen. I wish they didn’t, but they do.

Anyway, here, have an interesting fact: the name “osprey” is a derivation from “ossifrage”, Latin for “bone breaker”. It was the old term used to refer to lammergeiers, sea eagles and ospreys.

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