Back on the horse.

Right, I am back on the horse again, right way up, with my spear in my hand. Metaphorically speaking. I mean, you’ve seen my lawn: I don’t have space for a pony. Not even a very little one with slippers on. But METAPHORICALLY, kindly picture the above. Also, put me in a cloak and crown. Because screw it, it’s your imagination-budget I’m spending here. You look like you can spare an imaginary dime.

The last few weeks have been rubbish. My diet (not a weight loss diet) slumped and then collapsed completely. What I’ve discovered in the course of this year is that the problem isn’t lectins and it isn’t histamine. I’ve done diets which lower the levels of those things and the results have been an improvement in my condition – but not in the ways I expected. A great deal of trial and error has led me to this conclusion: I need to be on a very low carb diet (I’m not dumb: I’m dropping grains, not vegetables), and the ultimate reason is adrenaline. Insulin eventually metabolises out as adrenalin – look it up. On a diet containing bread and pasta, I have been feeling like a thousand miles of hell. I have also, basically, spent the time asleep.

So there we have it.

On a positive note, the lack of a lectin/histamine connection means I do not need to ditch tomatoes or dairy, which: I am doing a little dance. Right now.

As a side effect of getting back on this particular horse, I’ve instantly shed a load of weight, which can only be good for me, and is great progress towards the year’s ultimate goal.

I will not, on any account, at any cost, be diverted from that goal.

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