About that interview.

Having established that I am so brilliantly healthy, I generally see another human being once every two or three weeks, that I exercise to the absolute limit of what I’m capable of every day, and that when I’m heading downhill, I need to have a sleep in the afternoon, the doctor’s recommendations yesterday were that:

– I exercise harder;
– I magically somehow prevent myself from sleeping, presumably because increasing your fatigue levels is brilliant for fatigue conditions; and
– I should work from home. “Just a few hours.”

I am very very angry. He just didn’t listen to me, did the classic GP thing of “I know better than you because I’ve read the NICE guidelines for these conditions, even though you’ve been at the sticky end of managing this condition for four years”.


If they demand that I exercise harder, do not sleep when I need to sleep, or that I work from home I’m going straight into relapse. I live perpetually on the edge of it anyway.

I’m waiting for his report, which will arrive here three days before my insurers get it. I will write a letter to them, expressing my disappointment that they do not have fatigue condition patients assessed by someone who isn’t BLINDINGLY FUCKING IGNORANT ABOUT FATIGUE CONDITIONS.

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4 Responses to About that interview.

  1. elaine4queen says:

    OH MY GOD.



  2. Liam says:

    So infuriating to be treated as some kind of detached object who couldn’t possibly have any insight into an illness you deal with every day. Good doctors listen and adapt their advice accordingly, bad ones do what this twit did.

    • chiller says:

      Yep. Highly frustrating experience. Also, someone ought to tell doctors that smiling while you tell someone they know nothing about their own body doesn’t make the experience better.

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