Straight up.

There are two perfect fastigiate hornbeams near me. Carpinus betulus fastigiata – the “fastigiate” bit means their branches tend to go straight up. I am sort of in love with them.

Their bodies are like an explosion, held still in the instant it happens. In summer, their foliage forms a perfect, gigantic teardrop. So elegant.

In winter the colour of their stems and the bright lichens that cling to them makes them look like fireworks.

I took this, which is a rubbish hand-held double exposure shot, on a bright blue, snowy day – which I then tonemapped the living crap out of – a few years ago. It’s a poor photograph, but it does capture the sense of wow! something! happening! that these trees seem to express, so I like it anyway.

I shall try to get some better shots that do them justice.

Rainbow tree


I’m not well at the mo. Sorry I’m quiet/distant/never available/disengaged.

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2 Responses to Straight up.

  1. Lilian says:

    Hornbeam trees are cool.

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