The occasional crunchy gull.

The sea teems with fish. Slow, rangy, deep-sea fish with ribs made of fishbones. No, literally. Fast marlin that spin as they jump and above the water they’re silver, but below they are red and violet tigers. Juicy bonito in stiff, robot motion. Fat cod with their racing stripes. A million yawning anchovies. Squid, mako, ray, the timid herring, the occasional crunchy gull.


And whose ocean is this, anyway? Mine, I think you’ll find.

*pulls on mermaid tail and brandishes trident*

Let’s go.

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One Response to The occasional crunchy gull.

  1. particle_person says:

    Have you read Susan Cooper’s “The Dark Is Rising” series? I think you’d like the second book, Greenwitch, based on this post.

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