Perhaps, perhaps. Perhaps.

Yesterday’s drawing was the easiest thing I can think of to draw: a horse.


The reason I haven’t photographed the horse’s head is because this particular monkey-cat sneezed on the bastard thing virtually the minute I finished drawing it.


Look at his solemn little face. Dear little chap.

In other news, life … life is grand. I’ve made some excellent new friends who are all kind and beautiful, and last weekend I went to J’s party, which I thought was going to be a small soirée, but it ended up encompassing virtually everyone in the London gang whom I have counted as a close personal friend in the last decade – most of whom I see all too infrequently. I got a hug and then another hug, and then an avalanche of hugs, further visits were arranged, invitations were extended, PEOPLE WERE PLEASED TO SEE ME, WOAH. It was so, so, so great to drop back into being … properly alive, properly living again, instead of batting against glass all the time, swimming in my own head, which is sometimes the most beautiful place to be, but sometimes in all honesty I’m not swimming, I’m drowning. I need these clever, dapper people in my days and nights.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a lovely guest this weekend, and then my Temporary Olympic Flatmate (TOF) for a couple of days a week in the coming weeks, and … I dono, life has taken off again, and this time it’s flying a course I’m familiar with from the old days, when I was well and everything was bright with that slow flow of silly buggers, new and old, plaiting in and out of my days like light on a trout stream.

Perhaps, perhaps I will get well. Perhaps I will get well.

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