Hotel chairs and lawnmowers.

“I’m starting to get excited about the torch passing. I’m thinking of going down tomorrow to join in. I’ll find a wall to stand on,” says Daddy, bringing to mind the moment when he plummeted off that chair in the hotel, and headfirst onto the tea stand.

“Yeah, you and 50,000 kids…” I ventured.
“It’ll be like on the DLR,” he says: “I always get the front seat. They go over like ninpins.”

Well, I missed the torch – unsurprisingly – at this end, laid up as I am with the tail end of flu, and it’s the ME tail-end, which means I feel perfectly ok for a few hours, then suddenly run a mahoosive fever and have the most awful pains, then it stops again. If I take things easy I should be up and about by Friday.

Of course, I mowed the lawn. I can’t think where I get it from.

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