I have a problem.

I have written a book. I won’t beat about the bush: it is a bloody good book.

It has crocus bulbs in it. A piano. Under-sea trains. A terrified horse running in the woods. Copyright infringement with extreme prejudice. A samovar. It has a walled garden. A 200 year old Bentley. A Big Gay Army of terrorists. A tiger – IT HAS A TIGER – A TIGER!

I mean, come on, how could anything with those ingredients be anything other than great? It is written, finished, and about 1/3rd through the process of a second edit (with some serious scene-shuffling).

But I have a problem.

The problem is that I have written this book slowly during a very, very difficult period of my life. When I had nobody here at all, I worked on this book, and the people in it sustained me. They crystallised around me and became real presences in my life, friends, family. Their presence is a powerful comfort to me. And I know that when I send it out, they won’t be here any more. There is still nobody here, and I can’t bring myself to let go.

Even though it is time.

Also, I have no idea what to do next. After the edit/shuffle is finished. What do I DO with it?

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10 Responses to I have a problem.

  1. But despite being figments of your imagination, they’ll always BE there. I wrote a really very good play (If I say so myself) it was performed at one theatre and one sub theatre if you will. I wrote it at my absolute LOWEST moment, (Although I’m sure yours was considerably worse) and I still think of the characters as if they are real, you bulk out characters by giving others the opportunity to “meet” them, so don’t feel unsure about sending it off. I don’t know if I’ve misunderstood what this post is about, but in my opinion, sending it off is the best thing you can do. In my eyes, you’ve conceived the plot and characters, now it’s time to send them off to be “born” as it were. Anyway it sounds pretty fucking amazing and I need to see it. They’ll still be with you, but at the same time, others will bring them to life in their own way. xxxx

  2. Lebeautemps says:

    Sounds like a Russian Miyazaki in colonial India. Send to publisher, stat.
    The characters I presume are like children – they’ll go out the door leaving their mess behind them but come back so much more beautiful that their departure is more than mitigated. Unless of course that child has skipped out the door, having stolen your fave cardigan/iPod….I’ll stop now.

  3. My first job was in publishing and I have quite a few friends who still do it. Also, a friend is about to have her first (e)book published, and I’ve dabbled a bit myself, so I might be able to offer some advice (although the book world is changing at a furious pace right now). Advice offered depends entirely on what you want, though. Get in touch via my website/DM x

  4. Sue DeNym says:

    Yeah… I’m going to need a copy of that.

    Also, they won’t stop being yours, they will just evolve into being something more than that moment, as will you… (Or something)

  5. sarabran says:

    Next steps = external edit then agent 🙂

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