Two things that would completely change this country for the better.

1) We want the rich – both individuals and companies – to be taxed on the basis advertised to and applied to the rest of us. In other words, if I cannot have my wages paid directly into an offshore account to avoid paying UK tax on it, then Starbucks, Virgin, David Cameron and Amazon should have to follow precisely the same rules and fulfil precisely the same expectations I do.

2) We want questions asked in Parliament to be answered in the spirit in which they were asked. ie: if the leader of the opposition asks “have we got fewer police on the front line?” the answer: “a higher percentage of our police are now on the front line” should not be considered to be an appropriate answer. Because if we had 1000 police, and 500 of them were on the front line, and now we have 10 police and 6 of them are on the front line, we are worse off, even though we used to have 50% of our police on the front line, and we now have 60% of them on the front line.

Get onto it, government, you useless, self-serving shower.

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2 Responses to Two things that would completely change this country for the better.

  1. Alan Mimms says:

    You think YOUR government misbehaves and taxes unfairly? As in many things, my own country sets a lower standard for the WORLD.

    Who DECIDES in what spirit questions answered were originally framed and whether the answers are similarly spirited? Ah, now THERE’s the crux.

    (I SEEM to be capitalizing a lot of WORDS for EMPHASIS lately. Apologies for any unintended SHOUTING – as it is, I assure you, UNINTENDED.)

  2. Johnny B. says:

    Yes, and! capital gains tax. Income is income is income.

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