The big gay witch-hunt: what it says about our understanding of rape.

It is perhaps a subtle point, but what troubles me most about the people who ignorantly conflate “gay” and “paedophile” isn’t so much the obvious homophobia of it, as the implication that raping children is somehow an extension of, or a warped expression of normal sexuality*.

As if raping a child is similar to having sex with a consenting adult.

Nobody rapes girls because they want to fuck women. They rape girls because they like raping girls.

And the same goes for people who rape boys.

Wanting to have normal gay sex with men has nothing whatsoever to do with the very specific desire to rape boys.

The people who rape adult men or women don’t do it because they want to have sex with adult men or women. They do it because they want to rape adult men or women. Because having power over someone, specifically doing something against that person’s will, is what gets them off. Rape isn’t about wanting to have sex. It’s about actively wanting to rape.

* Hint: being gay is as normal as being straight.

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5 Responses to The big gay witch-hunt: what it says about our understanding of rape.

  1. Did I ever tell you how awesome you are? 🙂

  2. Succinctly expressed. I completely agree with you.

  3. I do detest people who show their ignorance to the world by trying to isolate sexuality as a variable in the equation of what causes child abuse, rape etc – it makes everyone stupider for having to explain that people rape and abuse regardless of sexual orientation. It reminds me of the conflation around male and female paedophiles – like the desire to have sex with childremn is merely some errant moral anomaly that somehow doesn’t transcend gender. The best way to explain how stupid the idea behind both of these ridiculous notions is by showing you this GENUINE video of (Dr) Neil Fox explaining that Paedophiles share genetic traits with crustaceans – which through no actual scientific basis, accounts for their predatory nature.

    Chris Morris was crucified for this episode of Brass Eye but the ignorance he exposed is patently still rampant.

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