Resolution for 2013

Here’s my resolution for 2013:
I’m going to embrace my dark side.
The wages of not-sin are dull and mean.
I’m at the right age to go “Evil Queen”.
Being good is hard work: I have tried.

In 2013 it’s all volte-face,
I’ll be blunt without being lewd:
I’m officially through with playing it nice.
What’s the point of it all with no prospect of vice?
Being good isn’t good for my mood.

Virtue is tiresome and makes one feel low:
Life is short, and the odds are all bad.
The wimple is fake, the dimple’s a faux
I’m no longer ineffable, eff me, let’s go
So for 2013 here’s the mantra for me:
Be the worst you can be, oh be bad.

Happy new year everyone. x

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