Immigration and the correct identification of problems and power.

Short, sweet point: I hear in every debate about immigration, the complaint that “(I’m not racist BUT) when they come over here, where will they go to schools? Where will they live? Where are the university places for them?”

And then people go on to say “(I’m not racist but) how awful it is, having immigrants knocking about the place and how sorry, how very sorry, I feel for the young, for OUR (non foreign) young, who have no homes, no jobs, no money.”

And racism aside, you have a point, complainant. There is a problem.

A colleague once complained to me about how much work they had to do. So much work, so much overtime. It was impossible to get it all done, and it was all the fault of these other guys who weren’t getting it all done on their shift, so it spilled over. And I said “the problem isn’t the other guys, or even that you’re overworked, the problem is that the firm is under-resourced.”

It’s about framing. It’s about identifying the root cause of a problem (where is the power that is causing change? Where is the power that can amend what is happening? Why is that power not acting?); and addressing that root cause rather than chopping feebly at this or that branch, which grew where it had to grow.

Immigrants – immigration – is not the problem. Those zillions of mythical Bulgarians aren’t the problem. We knew they were coming. They’re a fait accompli. The problem is the complete lack of preparation this and other governments have put into making sure facilities are in place for immigrant workers and their families.

Please. If you are going to complain, complain about the problem. The problem is the government.

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