A pornographic parable.

An audio version of this post is available here.

Once upon a time a lovely, very principled old woman lived in a society that was torn apart by civil war. There were more and more dead every week. She was personally endangered by the civil war, as were her friends, her family, and all of the people in her little village, all of whom worked for her company. Yet their work made them feel safe, because what they made was the very essence of a peaceful country life, a life as it should be.

She made a living making the most beautiful hunting rifles. She sold these hunting rifles in surprising numbers.

Inspired by this article, on ethical porn, which I saw tweeted by @nellbelleandme.


About chiller

Rachel Coldbreath spent 20 years working internationally as a technical specialist on large data collections for law firms, before becoming disabled. She blogs on a variety of topics from the news and politics to gardening and how very annoying it is, being disabled. Habits include drilling holes about 1mm away from where they ought to be, and embarking with great enthusiasm on tasks for which she is neither physically nor intellectually equipped.
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