It must come down.

Paedophilia, rape, back-handers, theft of public money, warmongering for profit, the slaughter of thousands every year for profit. The theft of other countries’ – poorer countries’ – money and resources through debt. The theft of the resources of the poor. The punishment of those already on their knees. Sadism. If we haven’t got to ‘murder’ yet, dear reader, we haven’t scratched the surface.

This isn’t a problem of the Tory government – although they do it most transparently. It is a problem of our entire way of life. Our society. Our politics. Our law. Our class distinctions. The way we educate and segregate our children. Our silences, the boundaries beyond which words are not welcome. Our comedy, our mocking. Our obedience. Our assumption of innocence and who we choose to protect with that blunt weapon.

As children, we are taught to colour inside the lines. We are not children. We are the species that conquered the poles, the abysses, the moon. We made civilisations, we knitted a world of abundant food, of art, architecture, of breathtaking machinery, out of mud and mistakes. We are not children. Stop.

Everything, the whole lot needs to come the fuck down. Needs to be torn down. Needs to be replaced by a system where power is truly shared and those hungry for it have no way to keep it, where democracy is truly democratic, Where the first article of our society is a love of humanity, and all else – all else -comes after.

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4 Responses to It must come down.

  1. iamamro says:

    Well said, ma’am/

  2. Aha but perhaps it is so overwhelming that no one quite knows where to begin… Your post is well written.

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