Drawing Henrijk

How does it work, this ART thing? How does it pop into being?

For me, it starts with a little detail. I was staring at Henrijk the cat from above, and the X in the middle of the bridge of his nose struck me, as if often does. It’s formed purely by the fur changing direction.  So I drew the X. And the soft losenge shape that fills the bottom part of his nose. And then I drew his nose. And then I put his eyes in, just to see if I could figure out where they need to be on the X. And then I drew his muzzle, just to see if I could. You know: could I make it look like a cat, and more importantly, could I make it look like Henrijk the cat?


Yeah. Turns out I can. So then I was a bit pleased with this, so I drew in his markings.


And then I was even more pleased with it so I did some flood fill. And that looked ok so I sort of accidentally started working on his fur.


And I thought, well, I can’t leave him with eyes like that. So…


And then I filled the background in, worked rest of his fur in… and made his eyes look real.


And then I realised I’d given him a weirdly massive chin. And a strange left nostril. And the image needed a crop. So I fixed that.


And then I signed it.

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11 Responses to Drawing Henrijk

  1. Fles says:

    That’s really good – I wonder what other talents you have that are waiting to be discovered.

    • chiller says:

      None, I think. Words and putting colours on a page are pretty much it.

      • Fles says:

        That’s plenty anyway – but you’re quite good at photography too, aren’t you?

      • chiller says:

        Yes, but isn’t that very similar to drawing? I mean, photography is about seeing that a picture is already there, waiting to be grabbed. Drawing and painting are about making a non existent picture exist, but both hinge on the ability to identify a picture and take action so I sort of lump them together…

        I suppose I am quite good at a lot of things, or was. Gardening and garden design, cooking, interior decor, making almost anything out of almost anything. Hum.

  2. Ali Green says:

    excellent and very realistic. Your talent is quite unique and amusing. Thank you

  3. Claire says:

    Lovely! I’ve always yearned to be good at art but no dice. Perhaps my talented was diverted to others (yourself included). 🙂

  4. ms_huma says:

    I am generally scared of all animals (I blame my upbringing!) but I love this pic and this post. thank you for sharing x

    • chiller says:

      Thank you for liking it! Funnily enough I used to be terrified of animals as a child but the more of them I came to know the more I realised that most animals are very polite and gentle, very forgiving, and offer rather a nice role model in a complicated world.

      Well. Apart from when they lick their bums.

  5. simonsays10 says:

    This may be a little too abstract.. But initially, the first sketch, I saw a woman taking a photo of herself, arms up, her breasts being the top lip of your cat..maybe I’m the only one who sees this? But hey! Isn’t that what art is about?! 😉

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