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The Wonky Allotment

An audio version of this piece is available here. A few years ago I took an allotment. It was always a wildly ambitious – ¬†perhaps even foolish – thing to do, given my health, but if there’s one thing I … Continue reading

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The year of good magic.

An audio version of this post is available here. People do year round-ups, and I have tried to in the past, but if I’m honest it has been an unsatisfying exercise because in 44 years of flapping about on life’s … Continue reading

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Unravelling: a history of love and knitwear.

As I pulled it on this morning, it happened. My reaching hand tunnelled down the sleeve, and then suddenly everything was confusing. My hand was still half-way down the sleeve, yet my thumb waggled in open air. A new hole. … Continue reading

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First job of the year.

I’ve been staring out of my window (or when putting out bird-seed) at the emerging signs of spring since Christmas, but there’s one definitive element that, to me, sends the first message of the year that says “DO SOMETHING!”, and … Continue reading

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I was strictly forbidden from touching the piano.

I glide through life not remembering anything. Films, faces, dates, days, years, they all slip through me like elvers through a too-coarse net, and I go on unregretful, unburdened by both the memory and by my own inability to remember: … Continue reading

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Allotmenting and summerhousing.

I haven’t blogged about the garden or anything for ages. Ironically, this isn’t because nothing has been happening (give me a moment to cast an eye over my back garden where nothing has very definitely been happening for some weeks, … Continue reading

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The empty sky.

I am concerned about “my” bats. Early this summer they showed up at the usual time and in the usual numbers. A few weeks ago I had the good fortune to see one skimming along the river at Lewisham Station. … Continue reading

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