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Miss Chiller’s feeling for snow.

An audio version of this post is available here. – I love the smell before it arrives, like the taste of dead water in a glass: not stale water, but left until it is deoxygenated, that taste, flat and clean … Continue reading

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The disturbing discovery that the world is shrinking.

When I remove my new specs – which I must do every time I change from looking at something within arm’s reach to looking at something further off – I notice a very obvious effect. The world gets a great … Continue reading

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How to survive being wrong on the internet.

Here’s the thing. You can say what you want. Other people can be offended about what you said. And ultimately it is up to you to form a judgement as to whether you consider what they said to be valid. … Continue reading

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It is #WorldMentalHealthDay.

Depressed people can be fucking infuriating. They don’t turn up when they said they would. They think the worst of you, of everyone, of themselves. They’re entrenched, often bitter, often afraid of perfectly normal things. They lash out. They can … Continue reading

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Things to pass on.

There are three things I think should be taught to every young person, and they’re pretty simple: 1) Don’t make your life contingent on finding the right partner. Get on with it anyway. 2) Don’t swim with captive dolphins. However … Continue reading

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Recognising common infestations of apis strepsilius: a “How To” Guide.

I have had, or am having, flu. However, I am now on the mend. During the day today I have transitioned from “technically alive” to “really perky from the neck up, but almost entirely pointless from the neck down.” Consequently … Continue reading

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About corsets.

This is tiresome. It is tiresome because the article takes the statement: “Now women are buying corsets to express their individuality” and contrasts it with some – yanno – FACTS: “Ebay has reported a 185% rise in the number of … Continue reading

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