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Valentine’s Day: she went there.

An audio version of this post is available here. The absolute worst thing about being single on any day (including this one WHICH SHALL NOT BE MENTIONED), is encouplinated people saying things like “you’ll meet someone, I know you will,” … Continue reading

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Andy, you’re going to die alone.

What. A. Dick. Head. Seriously, go and read that. I’ll wait. *drums fingers on table* Are you done? Good. I’m going to tell you precisely why the borderline (borderline?) psychopath who wrote that piece is going to die alone, and … Continue reading

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Bring the army.

I put on a lovely silk dress and got the housework done. Floors hoovered, then bleached, washing up done, sink cleaned, fresh cat blankets out (duck-egg blue, today). Washing flapping gaily on the line. Place tidied. Rogue shoes ushered back … Continue reading

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From Bukowski’s “The Genius Of The Crowd”

beware the average man the average woman beware their love, their love is average seeks average but there is genius in their hatred there is enough genius in their hatred to kill you to kill anybody not wanting solitude not … Continue reading

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